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Profound Sound CSharp Win7 32

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  • Windows 7
Latest version: 21/11/12
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  • Windows 7
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ProfoundSound provides high quality audio for your PC speakers, external speakers and headphones.

ProfoundSound CSharp features a rich user interface equipped with a 10 band graphic equalizer, variable loudness, auto volume leveling, variable dynamic surround sound, variable dynamic virtual bass, variable high frequency restoration, a 20 band spectral analyzer, variable dynamic bass and dynamic voice, plus the ability to customize and save your settings, all designed to give you ultimate flexibility.  Included are multiple output settings for headphones, and internal and external speakers.  Utilizing TruDynamics processing, you can make your speakers or headphones sound the way you want them to sound, not the way that someone else thinks they should sound.  For the best in audio it's ProfoundSound CSharp.

ProfoundSound utilizes the patent pending TruDynamics Processing algorithms designed to maximize the listening experience no matter what the environment or source material.  Bass, Treble, and Surround sound effects are quite often dependent upon what is present in the source material in order to achieve their effectiveness. With the TruDynamics algorithms, the effects are automatically optimized no matter how it was recorded or what the listening environment.

This software is meant for anyone who enjoys listening to music or watching movies on the PC, whether listening through the PC speakers themselves, or through external speakers connected to the PC or through headphones. Works wired or wirelessly.


what a difference! one of the best download values ever! after 2 hours using the free trial, i bought it...$4.95!!!! my music now has greater depth and resonance, even recordings from the 1920s!

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02 May 2015

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Profound Sound CSharp Win7 32 Profound Sound CSharp Win7 32

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